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  • Increase flexibility
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Introducing theSolarStar 320

Ideal for special events, construction and mining sites, security and any other application where on-demand lighting is desired. This system provides cost-effective LED lighting without all of the disadvantages inherent to diesel lighting systems – high operating costs (diesel fuel, maintenance and labour) as well as carbon emissions, noise and fumes.

Light output

4 x 80W High powered LED lights
160 effective lumens / watt
51,2000 effective lumens

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Choice Equipment Rentals

Highest light output in industry

Welcome to Choice Equipment Rentals. And we’re giving you exactly that. Providing our customers with a genuine choice of the finest quality LED and halide lighting towers with a choice of rental, rent-to-buy or outright purchase, and the choice to deal with a company whose owners have 20+ years of experience in the equipment rental business. Plus a choice of service options to meet the needs of your particular project.

With low-cost overheads and OEM back up, we can ensure that you get the very best equipment and service you need at all times supplied at cost-effective rates.

One of our specialisations is LED Lighting Towers. You can save tens of thousands of dollars per year just by changing your rented metal halide units to our super-efficient LED models. Ask us for rates and information on a range of LED towers to suit all applications. We can even arrange a free trial if required.

Acquisition Options

Once again, Choice Equipment Rentals offers several ways to acquire top-quality equipment.

You can simply take out a short-term or long-term rental agreement and return the equipment at the end of the term. You can enter a rent-to-buy agreement which means you rent equipment for a set period and then purchase it at the end of the period, or you can rent for a longer period of time on the understanding that you will purchase when you can afford to.

Rent-to-buy in a set time frame if capital is tight or just purchase equipment after a long-rental when contract conditions change and suit your needs.

Ask us today about long-term and short-term rental rates on equipment that will save you operating costs and labour hours due to superior design capabilities.

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Rent, rent-to-buy and sales options are available for all the equipment listed.

Choice Equipment Rentals has a wide range of lighting towers and we won’t sacrifice our quality of supply or service by purchasing cheap alternatives that will cost our customers money through downtime caused by breakdowns. Ask us about long-term hire on the quality range of equipment listed below. Should you require an item not listed, please contact us to see if we can source the item to fill your requirements.

Cost Benefits

  • Exclusively designed modular
  • LED lights LED fuel savings
  • WA designed
  • WA engineered
  • WA manufactured
  • WA prototyped and tested
  • 1500 hour engine service system – optional
  • Yanmar engines
  • Briteforce Metal Halide to LED upgrade
  • One person operation
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Self-servicing kits available
  • Superior light coverage
  • Savings in transport costs
  • Lighting towers built to meet your specific needs
  • Highest light output in industry

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